Privacy Policy

All services on this page are organised through the company World Sey.Tur.İnş.İth.İhr.Tic.Ltd.Şti under the adress Saray Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı Denizolgun Apt A Blok No: 120. 07410 Alanya. Our company can collect personal datas. On the list below is written how and why these datas are collected and how they are protected. While filling out the member agreements we collect some datas like ( name-surname, company informations, telephone, adress, E-Mailadress ). Our company can send sometimes new campagne informations, details about new products, promotion details to oaur customers. Our customers can choose these details while beeing a member, or they can change them later. The personal details, which are collected while filling out the membership contract, are not shared with third parts like it is written in our memebership agreement. To find and solve the systemproblems fast and easy, our system is registering and using your IP Adress. These IP adresses are used also to prepare demographic informations. Our company can use and share some informations with third parts to cooperate with them depending on the membership agreement. These personal details can also be used to get in contact with the users. All details which are wanted from the user, which is given through the user or the company, can be used and shared to third parts without giving the person name. Our company is holding the details secure and save.

The first step of our company is to protect the security of the users credit card. You credit card details are not saved in our system. There are two points which you have to be carefull about when you use our webpage. The first one is the key or lock picture down of the page. This shows that you are on a save page and every details is protected save. This details will only be used during the purchase time and with your allowness. The credit card infpormatuons which are used during the purchase is coded and send to the bank by 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). As soon as the card is approved the purchase can go on. Third parts can not get you details because your informations and codes are not saved in our system. The rightness of the payment, invoice, delivery adress through the credit card is controled. Therefore the users which are purchasing for the first time, have ti be sure that they give right informations. To approve the rightness of these detailks, we can get in contact with the bank. Only you have acess and the right to change the details you have given us. It is not possible that third parts can get your details if you protect them carefully. Therefore we use the system 128 bit SSL Security area. This system is unbreakable. Today, web pages which contain call services, official adresses etc. are much more prefered. So you have the possibility to contact them whenever you have any questions. Notice: We offer to be carefull of the adress and telephone number which has to be written on the web page for your own security. Please notice thgese details before you start to purchase from any web page. If you do not trust, please call them before. All our contact details are given on the web page.

All informations you send us through Credit card mail order system, are save hidden by us. These details are saved 60 days if there can be some problems wirth the credit card bookings. If there is another booking except the purchase price on your credit card, you can inform and ask for the back payment through your bank about it. can give Our shop can give links to other web pages trough our web page. Our web page has no responsibility about these links anymore then. The advertisements on our web page are delivered to our users. These privacy politics are only available for our web page, is not guilty to third parts.

By the points below, our company can give the user details to third parts; 1.Law, law provision decree, regulations, competent legal authority; 2.To applicate the rules of the membership agreement; 3. Request information about users for the purpose of conducting a research or inquiry that is duly conducted by the competent administrative and judicial authority; 4. Where it is necessary to provide information to protect the rights or safety of users.

Never write down your credit card number or passwords in emails that you send to our store's Customer Service regarding any of your orders. Information contained in e-mails may be seen by third parties. Our company can not guarantee the security of the information transferred from your e-mails under any circumstances.

Our company can obtain information about the users of our store and the usage of the webpage by using a technical communication file (Cookie-Cookie). The technical communication files that are quoted are small text files that a user of a website sends to the browser to be stored in main memory. The technical communication file facilitates the use of the Internet by storing the status and preferences about the page. The technical communication file helps to generate statistical information about how many people visit the page, what purpose, how many times a person visits the page, how many times they visit, and how to dynamically generate advertisements and content from user pages specifically designed for users. The technical communication file is not designed to receive data from the main memory or your e-mail or any other personal information. Most of the scanners are designed to accept the technical communication file in the first place, but users can change the settings so that the technical communication file does not arrive or the technical communication file is warned. Our Company may change the provisions of this "Privacy Policy" by posting it on the page at any time, or by sending an e-mail or posting it to the user. If the provisions of the Privacy Policy change, it will take effect on the date of publication. For any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, you can send an e-mail to You can also contact our company's contact information below. Companz Title: World Sey.Tur.İnş.İth.İhr.Tic.Ltd.Şti Adress: Saray Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı Denizolgun Apt A Blok No: 120. Pk.07410 Antalya Alanya E-MAIL: Tel Pbx: +90 850 888 88 07